HUMOFERT SA offers its products to end users, ie professionals and amateur growers, through cooperating agricultural stores, nurseries and garden centers. The company's sales network extends throughout Greece with partner stores that are constantly increasing in number, covering even more areas geographically and giving the final consumers the opportunity to purchase the company's products as close as possible to their place of residence or location where they grow.

All associates of the product distribution network of HUMOFERT SA have complete scientific training in agricultural issues and information from the agronomists of HUMOFERT SA so that they can support the company's products and give correct and complete instructions for the use and application of the preparations, end-user protection and crop safety. In addition, the company's product technical support department is always available to answer any technical questions regarding the company's products, both at B2B level (partner questions) and B2C level (end user questions).

Apart from the Greek market, HUMOFERT SA has a presence with its products in foreign markets such as Albania, Algeria, Bahrain, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Germany, Egypt, Romania, Saudi Arabia, ,Tunisia and United Arab Emirates while it is in negotiations for the export of its products to other countries. The company's goal is to expand its network to even more countries and the widest possible penetration of its products in existing markets.