HUMOFERT SA has highly qualified scientific and administrative staff that covers the operational needs of the company in the most efficient manner.

Among the manpower of company today are included:

  • 1 biologist PhD
  • 6 agronomists (1 PhD)
  • 1 economist
  • 1 engineer
  • Other administrative staff
  • Other workforce

Beyond the scientific background of the company staff, there is a continuous update on issues related to the current developments of science in the area of work of each employee. Moreover the staff is often trained in new technologies used by the company to its various departments and related to mechanical equipment, computerization and implementation of new quality control systems.

The most important element that characterizes the staff of HUMOFERT SA is teamwork. Team spirit and cooperation are key elements of the company's operation which the personnel are called upon to implement. In this way, the business has established a strong and compact group of people with a common vision and ambitions implemented through teamwork in order to achieve the missions of the company.