Research is a cutting edge of HUMOFERT SA. The R&D department of the company is conducting an ongoing research on new materials, microorganisms and techniques that improve the fertility of the soils and increase the yield of plants. In collaboration with universities and research institutions of the country as well as with European and international research carriers HUMOFERT SA participates in research programs that aim to improve the cultivation methods according to the demands of the agriculture of the future.


One of the main pillars of HUMOFERT SA is innovation. Through the research conducted by the R&D department, new products are developed which are characterized by originality and uniqueness and also open new horizons in understanding plant nutrition. For this reason many of our customers have linked to their subconscious HUMOFERT SA with the word «innovation».


For us experimentation is a very important stage in the flow of the development processes of new products. The products of our company prior to their circulation in the market are being tested initially in the laboratory (in vitro) and in the next stage in the field (in vivo). This ensures the efficiency of the products and the reliability of HUMOFERT SA.


We provide solutions for all the possible application methods of the fertilizers (fertigation, foliar spray, top dressing fertilization, basal fertilization) and for all the methods of crop management (conventional, organic, integrated). We want our products to meet all the cultivation techniques providing each time the maximum benefit to the grower.


Growing vigorous and healthy plants that will lead to the creation of crops offering high yield to the grower is always at the heart of our philosophy. For this reason we design, produce and promote excellent, reliable and stable nutritional products for the plants.


The increase of the yield of crops and the improvement of qualitative characteristics of the harvest result in high levels of the profits for the growers. The key to success of the grower is always at the complete and proper plant nutrition. Use yourself the nutritional products of HUMOFERT SA in order to unlock the door of your own success.