HUMOFERT SA has the legal form of the Société Anonyme. The organizational structure of the company is represented with the above flowchart and includes the following departments.


The production department is involved with the production, packaging and labeling of the products. Its mission is planning and executing the production of fertilizers according to the needs created by the demand for the products. In addition, the employees of this department are responsible for the proper function of the machinery and the application of quality assurance systems that the business applies in order to produce an excellent, stable and consistent with the specifications final product.

Since the range of products produced by the company is large, this department is divided into the following subsections:

Fertilizer production

Is involved with the production of various types of fertilizers and other nutritional products the company has in the market. Its purpose is to transform raw materials in a plant nutritional product ready for storage or packaging. Applies the quality assurance standard that the company follows and adjusts according to the results of the quality controls performed in several critical production stages.

Fertilizer packaging

This department aims in coupling the production with demand. In view of the statistics of previous years, the current demand, the production capacity of the plant and the storage capacity of products for sale, the packaging of fertilizers department executes the packaging and labeling of produced fertilizers in order to produce a final product for sale, ready to be placed on the market whenever needed. Since for us appearance of the product is equally important with the efficiency of the fertilizer, the department of fertilizer packaging acts under strict rules which ensure that the fertilizer will reach the end buyer intact and safe for use.

Quality control

Its role is to monitor, control and improve the production process in all of its stages, from the supply of the raw materials till the completion of the final product. For this reason it conducts samplings and analyses in various critical stages of the production circle and by comparing the results it decides on the compliance of the manufactured products with the specifications set by the standard of quality control applied by the company. Furthermore, the quality control department records all the parameters intervening in the production process in order to be possible to search and correct possible errors, so that the final product is traceable until its consumption.


Commercial department is responsible for the supply of raw materials and the distribution of sale ready products. Due to the complex objective, sales department is divided in the following subsections:

Purchases department

Purchases department deals with the purchase of raw and other materials used in the production of fertilizers. Its mission is to achieve agreements with foreign and Greek companies in order to acquire the necessary materials that meet the criteria of quality and price which are set by the company management.

Sales department

Sales department is staffed by people who are involved in the promotion of the products. Their job is the communication with the company's existing and future customers in order to inform them about fertilizers and other nutritional products the company offers and to take orders. An additional project is the presentation of HUMOFERT SA proposals around plant nutrition problems that growers of various crops deal with.

Marketing department

Marketing department is responsible for developing the company's commercial policy. It plans how to promote the products; it determines pricing and supports salesmen with promotional materials and information on the properties and applications of the products.

Logistics department

The employees of this department are dealing with the logistic operation of goods and raw materials. They supervise and carry out the orders of the company and additionally they receive and control the raw materials and other materials supplied by the company.


The functions of the economic department include the recording of financial data and the financial planning of the business. For a better management of economic issues the economic department is divided into the following subsections:

Account department

Monitors and records the accounting movements of the company (purchases, sales, receipts, payments, etc.), exports the financial results and conducts the financial statements that reflect the financial performance of the company.

Financial planning department

This department is involved with the financial flows of the company. Given the strategic development of the business and the money market conditions, it plans how to implement the business plans, it also distributes the resources of the company to its various parts, it checks the company's financial position and proposes solutions for a better and more efficient implementation of the economic objectives of company.


This department is responsible for the development of the business. Its communication with the company's upper management is interactive. On the one hand it undertakes the company's targets for expansion in new markets with new products and tries to achieve them, and on the other hand it informs the upper management about the results of research carried out in order to develop new products. The development department is divided into two areas as follows:

R&D department

R&D department engages in the design and implementation of research projects that aim to develop new innovative products, methods and applications. At the same time, it conducts on its own or in cooperation with research carriers, institutes and universities, research involving new materials and ways of actions (fundamental research) and research on the efficiency of existing and planned products of the company (industrial research). Also R&D department participates in Greek and international research programs on issues that have to do with future areas of interest and expansion of the company.

Registration department

The operators of this section undertake the registration of the company's products in the various services in order the handling of the products to be uninterrupted and smooth. Their mission is the preparation of the necessary supporting documentation for each product (existing or new), as well as the execution or outsourcing for the necessary tests and controls that have to be carried out for the proper and complete filling of the required details. Generally the registration department ensures the timely issuance and renewal of licenses required for the free circulation of the company's products in all markets in accordance with applicable law.